We all have stuff – right?

stuff in our kitchens, our bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, even our car


it drives me mad sometimes.

Let me give you a little bit of a background of why it drives me mad…. for about 6 to 7 years my husband and I lived with my parents – very early on in our marriage

it wasn’t a fun time it but it was necessary – it was meant to be one year or so,but due to circumstances out of our control it turned into 6-7 years!

At the beginning of 2015 we managed to buy a house, it’s big enough for what we need now, semi-detached, 2 bedrooms, but it’s full of stuff!

When we were living with my parents, I decided that we should stock up on things – we had furniture and items from our previous house which went into storage -which seemed a good idea at the time but was a bit of a waste – we downsized that before we moved!  But I had then decided that when there were offers on at the supermarket: e.g. buy one get two free (shampoos, shower gel, things that wouldn’t expire) I would buy them!

(I also went a bit coupon crazy at the time but living in the UK it’s not like the extreme couponing that you get in America, but I did ok.)

We have been in this house for just about two years and we still have shampoo, shower gel, washing powder… I haven’t had to buy anything new thankfully!

However I still have stuff! There is stuff everywhere! There is even stuff still in my parents attic.

My spare room is a mess, I really need to de-clutter it, I seem to be half-hoarder, half-aspirational-minimalist!

i would love to just gather everything up I need and have it fit in one bag, or throw everything away..

I would love to have less stuff in my house – but part of me remembers what it’s like to have no house, so it’s nice to have our things in our house, not live in someone else’s space, or live in a empty room.

Then I think – if we moved again I would have to pack up all the stuff and take it with me – do I want to do that?

Then there’s the monetary side of it..

If I sell things I can make some money – and I have – I have been putting things on eBay or local Facebook sites and getting a  few quid here and there – however I have also given a lot of things to charity, and haven’t missed anything.

De-cluttering seems to be the “in thing” to do nowadays: but what if in the future we regret giving away something?

I’m trying my best not to cling onto things and have just have the memories instead – but it’s not as easy as some people make it out to be!

I keep reading these things about “throw one item away a day” – and I do!  I’m not holding onto all plastic bottles & rubbish – but I do have stuff and stuff is a problem.

Hopefully I will get this sorted!

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