Jacob & Toby

My blog tagline is “life, love, cats!” – and you may be wondering, where are the cats?

So here they are!

Background: August 2015, my husband has been after us getting cats for a while, I have never had any cats before, so I’m a bit unsure…  we follow the local RSPCA branch on facebook, and on a Sunday afternoon, we saw a cute little photo of a little white & black kitten called “Jacob”

Here was the photo:


Cute right?!!  My husband phoned, and enquired about him, and mentioned that we were on the lookout for a couple of kittens, and that I would prefer a couple of cute, “lap cats”, they said come down to look, and within an hour or so we met these two:

Jacob and (as known at the time) “Marillion”, not litter mates, but bonded together, so basically ‘brothers’ as I affectionately call them.


As soon as I saw them, I said he should be called “Toby”, as Marillion didn’t suit him!


Here they are being introduced to us – the RSPCA lady holding Jacob, and Toby climbing on my husbands shoulders!

We had to wait a day to collect them as they were scheduled in for a vets appointment on the Monday, so I collected them on the Tuesday, and  the rest is history!

They were about 3 months old when we collected them, they are now about 2 years old, and still as cute and bonded as ever


IMG_0793 2


Aren’t they adorable?  I had never considered myself a cat person, but these two won me over from day one, they are part of our family and I can’t imagine our lives without them.



They love each other, they still play-fight, and differ in many ways:




Jacob loves to play, explore and is super affectionate to everyone, loves to go out at every opportunity and has the tiniest, squeakiest miaow.




Toby is so soft and lovable,  you’ll find him asleep on any chair or soft cushion – but he’s shy and skittish when it comes to visitors, he loves ‘dreamies’ and any other type of treat, and lets you know with a varying amount of ‘miaows’ both loud and quiet, depending on the situation!

IMG_0843 2


So there you go, Jacob & Toby, our cats!

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