Homemade Cashew Nut Butter

Don’t spend all of your hard earned money buying those fashionable nut-butters, when you can make it yourself! 1 ingredient is all it takes!

My husband has been trying to eat better, and this includes snacks!

He loves pistachios, but wanted to mix it up a bit too, so asked if I could get him some cashews – of course!

bag of plain cashew nuts from lidl ajennysaved

I bought a bag of un-roasted, un-salted cashews thinking that he could dish them out into small pots and take them to work to snack on… but he doesn’t like the “plain” ones, so I had to dash out and buy a pack of roasted & salted cashews instead!


Now I have a full pack of cashews, and I’ve been trying to come up with a plan to use them all up..

Then it occurred to me that about a year or so ago, I bought a jar of cashew butter, as an alternative to peanut butter, and it was so delicious! I used it in smoothies (and probably just ate it from the jar with a spoon)

So, I’ve heard that making cashew butter is so simple to do, but it takes patience and a good food processor… I did a quick search and thought, “oh well”, as I didn’t want to buy a processor just for the one thing, and mentioned it to my mum, and thankfully she had a “ninja” food processor siting at the back of her cupboard, so I have borrowed it

Cashew Butter:  Sorry for the amount of photos but it’s important to show the process 🙂

Ok, so apparently it should take about 10 mins, but I needed to make sure that I don’t burn out the motor so it took a little longer to let the food processor cool down.

ninja bullet food processor bag of plain cashew nuts from lidl ajennysaved


ninja bullet food processor full of plain cashew nuts ajennysaved.com


This is what 200g of Cashews look like in a food processor

200g of cashew nuts in a ninja bullet blender ajennysaved.com


You press the button, and off it goes!! It starts off like chopped nuts, and gets grainy, a bit like when you start to make pastry and it all binds together

chopped up cashew nuts finely chopped in a ninja bullet food processor ajennysaved.com

cashew nuts chopped up in a ninja bullet ajennysaved.com

You just gotta keep at it

finely chopped cashew nuts into cashew nut butter ajennysaved.com


It gets a bit stuck around the sides, so it’s best to keep stopping, and push the mixture back down so it can blend properly

finely chopped nuts into cashew butter scrape the sides down as blending ajennysaved.com


Keep going!

grinding and blending cashew nut butter finely chopped ajennysaved.com

grinding and blending cashew nut butter finely chopped 2 ajennysaved.com .png

So you might be thinking, this is never going to work, i’m just making a mess and ruined perfectly good cashew nuts.

Have faith and patience!

Keep going!


blending cashew nuts into butter homemade turns into a paste ajennysaved.com


Looks smoother right?

WRONG! Its not even close!

It starts to then bobble up together, it reminded me of some sort of popcorn, or rice, some sort of grain, and then guess what?

homemade cashew nut butter starts to bobble up like popcorn in a paste ajennysaved.com


Nope, not yet..

Keep it going!

It then becomes to bind in bigger lumps, as the heat of the blades make the mixture more malleable.

Then all of a sudden, it formed into a ball!

homemade cashew nut butter formed into a ball paste ajennysaved.com


I pushed it back down and kept going, then it balled back up, and you could see the natural oil start to come out of the mixture.

ninja bullet food processor cashew nut butter ball in blender ajennysaved.com


see how it glistens slightly?

Back down it went, and back for another round of blending…

Suddenly! There it was!

homemade cashew nut butter in a ninja blender ajennysaved.com


Cashew Nut Butter!!!

I was so relieved, I hadn’t wasted the cashews after all 😀

I blended it a bit more, to be sure, and then went about transferring it into a airtight sealable container.

ninja bullet food processor finished cashew nut butter scraping out with silicon spatula ajennysaved.com

spooning the finished cashew nut butter homemade into a storage jar ajennysaved.com

And there you have it! Not so hard after all, and saves me having to buy another jar of the nut butter.

I, of course, had to test it was ok, so had a small spoonful, and yum!

homemade cashew nut butter finished in a pot ajennysaved.com


Here it is!

If I were to do it again, I’d certainly take a little more time, as I went a bit blend-happy with the ninja, and had to let it cool right down in the middle of the process

(I’m sure I saw some smoke!)

But it’s ok, no harm done.

I wonder what this would be like with roasted or salted nuts? I’m sure it would add more depth to it… maybe another day.














  1. threebrits

    February 22, 2017 at 17:50

    Oh my gosh this looks so yummy! ‘Saw smoke’ think we have before as well! 🙊😂

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