Chocolate “Fondue”

About a month ago, I had a couple of my good friends over for a belated birthday meal, we ordered Chinese food and I made a chocolate “fondue”dessert

(I’m a January baby, no one wants to go out, so we stayed in!)

I don’t own a real fondue set so I made do with a glass bowl, it went down a treat with the everyone.

I choppedΒ up strawberries, bananas, marshmallows & shortbread to dunk in the dip, and the fruit was the first thing to go!


I fancied making it again, but I this time I Β had a bit of dilemma, I know that I saw the recipe online, but I couldn’t find it!!

I had to rely on my memory to what went in the “fondue”, I remembered using two types of chocolate, cream, (maybe milk?)

But I didn’t have any cream… would milk be ok?
Only one way to find out !


Ok so I melted chocolate and chocolate buttons together in a glass bowl that was sitting over a pan of hot water

Next I added a splash of milk, and whisked it together, at first the milk was too cold so the chocolate solidified and I had to heat the water a bit more, and give it a bit more of a whisk.

Easy peasy

Next thing to do was keep adding milk to get a good consistency – not too runny, but not too thick.


Now to prepare the “dipping” items

Strawberries, marshmallows & brownies oh my!


Ok so this is total indulgence, chopped strawberries, fluffy marshmallows and yummy scrummy brownie bites – no shortbread this time and my husband didn’t fancy bananas.

So after dinner, this is a cute go-to dessert, easy peasy and fun

Dip or drizzle, either way yum!

yum! it didn’t last long

What do you think? I would totally do this again, it’s so easy, really nice and there was enough for two nights worth.

I put the chocolate (covered) in the fridge overnight, and it was nice cold, like a fondue pot, it didn’t take long to reheat it over water again for the next night.




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