Before & After decluttering packaging

If you haven’t read my previous post about having a clear out – read about it here!

Ok so it took about 15 minutes , not too bad I guess?

(See the cup of tea? Yeah that went cold)

I went through the drawers, and got rid of plastic that was ripped, packaging that was too small to use, and old / misshaped boxes that I have nothing to put in.


There ! Better ! I still have a lot of things, but no more overflowing drawers, and the boxes (cat food) that were on the floor are now in the right place !

I managed to get rid of the large boxes that were perching on top, they had been there since mid-November, and since they haven’t been used, they had to go (not even sure that I have anything that big to put in there!)

A couple of bags are holding packing paper and bubble wrap, and that is the maximum I am going to keep.

If it turns out that I need something else, I’ll deal with that when it comes to it.

Not too bad for a short amount of time, just the rest of the room to tackle now !

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