Wow ! Today is soooo windy!

Storm Doris is here ! 🌬

So what did I do on today, one of the windiest days of the year so far? I went food shopping 😑

Well it was my own fault really, yesterday I thought it was a good idea, this morning I wasn’t sure until I checked and saw that Costco opened at 11am, (it was 11:08), and thought, “hey I can be quick!”

made a list, got some essentials (and non essentials, hello bite size brownies!) such as a massive container of Olive Oil, ( a must, especially when it is on offer, it lasts forever), shampoo etc… gotta love Costco, you can really stock up —  and then decided to take a detour to Asda as well, as I needed some food for my guinea pigs, (their nuggets are the cheapest), cat litter (again cheap!) and other stuff, and next to the pet food is the reduced section!

I managed to pick up a few packs of floor wipes reduced to 25p a pack, some flash kitchen spray for 75p and some loo rim blocks for about 35p/40p each!

Before I went out this morning, I gave the downstairs loo a wipe over with flushable wipes, and thought “this won’t do, I really need to get some proper wipes” and the grocery gods were shining down on me today!

I became very windswept though! Our Asda has two entrances, I parked at the far entrance, and by the time I had paid, that entrance was closed as the storm was damaging the roof! So had to go the long way round and back out in the wind… that was fun (!)

So yes, not a great idea to go out in the wind, but glad I did as I managed to stock up on staples and bargains!

spending the rest of the day indoors, warm and with plenty of tea! ☕️


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