Quick & Easy Banoffee Pie

Quick and Easy, Banoffee Pie is a classic, scrumptious, delicious dessert that you can make at anytime of the week. 4 simple ingredients is all you need!

So technically we’re still on a diet, but sometimes you just need something sweet.

Usually  I would take the time and make my own pastry (not as in a bragging, “oh of course I make my own pastry” kinda way) but because when I was a child, my mum always cooked and baked with me, and her recipe is great! (Not biased obviously)

However before Christmas I found that they had a few offers on in the supermarket, and I bought a tin of caramel for £1, with all intents of making something amazing, and of course it remained in my cupboard.

banoffee pie carnation tin caramel tart
Carnation Caramel Tin


I have previously made caramel,  it’s easy peasy, you need to slow boil a can of condensed milk for a few hours, making sure that the tin is always covered with water – I know the tin says not to do that just in case explodes – if you let it dry out –  however I’ve done it a few times and it’s so easy…


banoffee pie caramel tart carnation tin

anyway I’m getting off the point, at the time I thought well for the sake of a £1 it will save me using my gas to boil water for a few hours so it’s more cost-effective.

So I remembered that I had this in my cupboard when I was at the supermarket, so I bought one of those sweet premade pastry cases – again for £1 – and emptied the tin of caramel into it and popped it in the fridge to set.


banoffee pie caramel tart
let it set


The rest of it will be easy to do later –  slice up some  bananas and they have them in a pretty pattern on top of the caramel, whip up some cream to put on top, and there you have it – Banoffee Pie!

we’ll see how long this lasts between the two of us – I’m guessing not too long !

banoffee pie bananas caramel and cream
ok so maybe not a prettty’ pattern, but its good enough!


banoffee pie finished cream and chocolate chips banana and caramel
with or without chocolate is fine!


Usually on a ‘traditional’ banoffee pie, you’d shave / grate chocolate on the top, but as I said we are still on a diet, so there’s no real chocolate in the house (sad face) but I found chocolate chips in my baking cupboard … but it didn’t really add to it, and would be fine without!

And no, it didn’t last long, not even long enough to take a proper photo!

banoffee pie eaten caramel bananas cream chocolate chips yummy

Quick & Easy Banoffee Pie

  • Difficulty: easy
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Cream, Bananas, Caramel, so yummy!


– 1 premade sweet pastry case
– 1 tin of Carnation Caramel
– 1-2 Bananas
– Double Cream
– Chocolate (optional)


  1. Pour the pre-made caramel into the pastry case
  2. Put in the fridge to set for up to 30 mins
  3. Once set, slice the banana(s) and place on top of the caramel in a circular pattern
  4. Whip the double cream (up to you how much!) and spoon on top of the bananas
  5. Optional, grate / shave chocolate on top (i used chocolate chips, but grating it gives a softer texture)

  • Serve straightaway!
  • If not serving straightaway, place back into the fridge until serving.
  • Can serve 4-6 depending on portion size

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    1. Jenny

      June 3, 2017 at 00:38

      Thank you 😊

  1. Judy Martin

    July 27, 2017 at 18:49

    Ooooh, that looks so good, and is easy to make too, a definite winner!

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