My 10th Wedding Anniversary gift for my Husband 

Last Friday was my 10th Wedding Anniversary, and I thought I’d share with you the gift I gave my husband. 

On wedding anniversaries, there is a list of traditional wedding gifts that are given depending on the year.

 When we were married, we decided to follow the list as close as possible, so that on our anniversary we would have something different as a gift, instead of boring gifts… 

( I previously described how I made a box for our 6th / Iron themed gift here)

This year, for the celebration of the decade, the traditional gift is “Tin“, and gemstone is “Diamond“.

Sounds easy enough? Well yes, but that’s where the fun starts:

My take on Tin & Diamonds:

Diamonds, are not really my husbands thing, but I thought, hey, diamonds of the sky = stars!
(I love stars btw)

So I managed to find a small tin covered in stars.. then I had to find things to fill it with:

Firstly I bought a pair of cufflinks, with constellations on them, one with his starsign (Virgo) and one with mine (Capricorn)

Virgo & Capricorn Cufflinks

Then I bought a keyring with a star on it, and a little message “I thank my lucky stars for you” on the back.

I also managed to find a seller online who made little metal wallet inserts that could be customised with a message on it:

wallet insert for paul

This way he gets to keep this in his wallet at all times!

One of the other things I thought about was “sponsoring a star” in his name … however, because this is not a real thing (not a surprise really,), I considered just pointing to a star in the sky and telling him it was for him, but that is even less official!

I found a non-profit website run by astronomers in Colorado, USA, that is looking for funding to help them with their scientific research “Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium”, after the “Kepler telescope” was launched in 2009 by NASA. (The link to their website is here if you want to read more about them)

this is from their website:

You can feel confident that your donation will support cutting-edge research on the stars that you adopt. So adopt a star and support our work! Who knows? Maybe an Earth-like planet will be found around the star that you adopt—how cool would that be?

To me, that is more worthwhile than paying a random company money for a pretty certificate, plus, they also give you a link to a certificate to print out, plus the star is visible in the “google sky

One of the best things about adopting this star, is its coordinates,as we were married 18th August 2007 (18/08/07), the coordinates are 12070818 (ignore the 12 and its our wedding date backwards!) =  this link here is his star and look at this nice certificate too!

star certificate

Lastly, I made a couple of little “stars” with cute faces on, out of felt.

mini felt stars

Just for a cute little addition!

(I also threw in a packet of Starbusts to add to it, plus we had Haribo starmix..!)

I wrapped it in some shiny paper and sealed it with starry washi tape too, and got a lovely card with stars on it ( I had already sealed the envelope before I thought of taking a photo)

wrapped all ready to go!

So that’s my take on a 10th Wedding Anniversary gift… ! What do you think!?

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