Inspirational quote of the day 25/08/2017

This one may seem a bit cheesy, well maybe not the quote that I’ve picked out, but the song it originates from.

“Life’s about to get good… ” – this is from a new song by Shania Twain released a couple of months ago…

At first I wasn’t sure about it, it was a bit of a sickly sweet country pop song, but it was played a lot on the radio so I got used to it !

The song itself is about getting her life back on track, and it chronicles some bad times, (“life’s about joy, life’s about pain…”). but overall it gives a great message :

lifes about to get good - inspirational quote of the day -

And I think that is a really positive quote to say:

Life’s About To Get Good!

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your life has to be bad right now to get good, in fact your life may be great, and it might get better!

However if you are on a bit of a downer right now, just remember things get better, and life’s about to get good!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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